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Daily Archives: March 6, 2019

Going Green With House Plants

March is a month of waiting…waiting for the snow to stop, waiting for the warm weather, waiting for mother nature to kick in with blooms.  In the meanwhile we partnered up with our incredible sponsor, Outdoors Contained to show you how going green with house plants can not only spruce up these pre-spring days but also be beneficial to your health and happiness!!!
Did you know that keeping green plants in your home can (just to name a few):

  • Reduce Stress
  • Reduce Noise Levels
  • Boost Creativity and Productivity
  • Reduce Sickness
  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels
  • Reduce Airborne Dust Levels
  • Clean The Air
Here are some ideas to help you go green with plants around your own home…Email the Amy’s at Outdoors Contained and they will help you place some gorgeous indoor greenery!!!!