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Daily Archives: January 27, 2019

An Organized Pantry is a Happy Pantry

As promised, but a day late, here are some of the best pantry storage items.  Anyone  would keep your items neat and in order.  The key is to choose one style and stick with it.  So, for example, all the baskets should be the same and all “dry” containers should be the same.  Keep items organized by purpose and type…ie all baking goods together, all cans together, rice and potatoes together, pastas together.  Cereal, flour, nuts, and other “dry goods” can be stored in plastic containers.  There should be one basket devoted to “chips and snacks”.   Happy Organizing!!!!

Here are the baskets I ordered for my pantry..I use a combo of the different sizes.

Here is another style if you like access from the front of the basket…

This is great to store cans…..

Here is another way to store cans!!!!

Another blogger used these to organize her spices….

These containers are great for cereal and pasta

This is the best storage lazy susan

I love these baskets too..and they come in a bunch of colors!!!!!

I have seen this storage container used for dry goods too……

Here is a great basket for storing fruits!!!