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Daily Archives: July 31, 2018

How I Try To Get My Life In Order

Ugggghhhhh….it is soo hard to get my house organized.  I feel like it is a constant struggle.  I am always searching for new things to help keep us in order.  Here are some very helpful items I found lately….


I bought this document holder to put everyone’s passports social security cards, birth certificates and other important documents in. I got another one just for travel.

I love these plugs, you can neatly charge 2 devices at a time!!

This is a great looking ottoman to store away unsightly things. I use mine to store all my outdoor dining accessories and LED battery lights!!!!

This is the BEST garden light and easy to maneuver. I don’t mind watering at all!!!

I saw a lady at the airport using this to charge all of her family member’s devices. Everyone was jealous and we all asked her about it.

I store some of my earrings on these stands…They look great if you leave them out on your dressers, or bedside table or on display in your closet!!!

I keep these in my garage for paint touch ups all around the house!!!

Hands down this is the best spray paint and comes in a bunch of colors!

I bought these for the shelves in my laundry room. They hold so much and look so nice all lined up.

I use these to store out of season clothing on the bottom of my closet

This is the best spot carpet cleaner ever!!!

I cannot live without my swiffer wet jet!

I keep this stain bar in my bathroom, laundry, in my purse…it helps with all stains