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Daily Archives: May 19, 2018

A Royal Wedding and A Royal Party!!!!

This morning I went to a very beautiful breakfast party to watch the Royal Wedding.  In fact it was so much fun celebrating with our friends and so festive….. Who really needed to be at Windsor Castle??!!!!!!! !!  I have captured some great photos from the party and also shared some of my favorite photos from the festivities in London!!!!  Hurrah for Meghan and Harry!!!!!

All the British accessories around the room were fab!!!

Our Wedding Cake!!!!  Might have even been nicer than the real one!!!

Our amazing hostess…luckily for her hubby, Harry did not see her first!!!!!!!!!!

The happy couple!!!

The beautiful centerpieces…the chocolate did not last long!!!!!

We watched 2 different channels on a couple of big screens!  I was focused on the “Today” screen!!!

The party favor..Meghan and Harry commemorative mugs…I already used mine!!!  Oh and a tiara borrowed from a very stylish guest!

A close up of the cake!!!

Some of the beautiful fascinators worn this morning!!!

A closer up of the cake!!!

How Handsome is Harry?
How great was the cake topper??? 

                                Now Onto The Wedding!!!