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Daily Archives: March 7, 2018

Spring Break Style

Here we go again with a “white out” snow 
storm. I am sooo happy to have everyone
home but honestly this weather is really
getting old!!!  At least we have Spring
Break to look forward to.  However, 
many readersasked me for a Spring 
Break Style post.  Here you go. 
I searched the web and 
I think I found the best of the best.  
The feather T’s from Saks are so cute.  
Someone has to buy that vintage Pucci is a steal.  I bought one of the feather
earrings below and think they will be so 
amazing to wear out to dinner in Miami
and I will wear them to death this summer! 
I also LOVE LOVE the bags..such great

Spring Break Style

Emilio pucci dress

Nightcap blue top

Essentiel white boho top

PelloBello white pullover

PelloBello sweater pullover

PelloBello stripe top

Gucci strappy shoes

Loeffler Randall straw handbag