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Daily Archives: September 12, 2017

Tassel Earrings

I am so excited to offer a very special blog sale today.  I have partnered with a company in Thailand to bring you gorgeous handmade tassel earrings…the MUST HAVE accessory for fall.  These earrings go so beautifully with any outfit!!  Dresses, jeans, day or night you will be coming and going in haute style!!!  Each pair of earrings is only $35!!!!  They come in two sizes and so many color combinations….To order your pair, please text me HERE.

Blue Ombre Tassel Earrings 4.5″

Grey Ombre Tassel Earrings 4.5″

Black Stacked Tassel Earrings 4.5″

Grey Ombre Earrings 3.5″

Maroon Tassel Earrings 4.5″

Navy Ombre Earrings 3.5″

Grey Half Circle Tassel Earrings 3.5″ X 3.5″

Black Silk Tassel Earring 3.5″

Blue Single Ombre Tassel Earring 3.5″

Pink Ombre Tassel Earring 4.5″

Olive Green Tassel Earring 4.5″

Grey Tassel Earring 4.5″

Teal Ombre Tassel Earrings 4.5″

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