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Daily Archives: April 26, 2017

Show Score

Calling all theater lovers…..our new Sponsor is for you… is an incredible way to find the shows you will LOVE.  This site is the TripAdvisor or Rotten Tomatoes of theater.  They have more than 100,000 fans like you posting their reviews on Broadway and Off Broadway shows.  You can easily find lists of shows like “what is trending off broadway now” or “top rated Broadway shows” or “top family shows.”  They also bring you pricing discovery, by organizing all the existing pricing across vendors so you can quickly understand your costs and what you need to pay to get the best seats.

It gets even better.  You can “follow” other fans, make a Wish List of shows you can share with friends, and it even allows you to follow your favorite actors and theater companies.

We have partnered with Show-Score to take our readers on bi-monthly theater outings.  They organize groups and ensure it is really easy to invite friends and each pay online.

Sign up for Show-Score today and we will see you on the Great White Way!