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Daily Archives: March 7, 2017

The Cookie Dough Craze

OK. so the new craze seems to be eating uncooked cookie dough in various flavors.  This is so much so that an entire store in NYC opened called Cookie Dô.  There is a line to get in that can take up to 3+ hours.  Trust me, I know…I went!!!!   I did a little research and found an amazing company that mail orders cookie dough and it is incredible.  No waiting in line and it is delivered to you door within a couple of days.  It is called Edoughble and you will LOVE it.  I ordered a bunch for my kids and their friends and was a HUGE hit.  I contacted Edoughble to do this post and they sent me another large box filled with cookie dough flavors for us to try.  Needless to say my family was ecstatic.  You have to try this company.  I even have a discount code for you!!!  Here is the link to get 25% off your order

Thank you to the edoughble company for sending me cookie dough sample for this post!!  As always,  all opinions and thoughts expressed above are my own.