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Daily Archives: October 12, 2016

A Happy Halloween For Our Furry Friends

Now that my children are officially too old to dress up for Halloween, I have resorted to finding costumes for the small furry members of our family.  Actually, the pet costumes seem to outnumber the human costumes in cuteness this year.  Which one will it be?  Not sure how my doggy babies will feel about these but who could resist a Starbucks Iced Puppy Latte or a Dorothy Dog costume this spooky season.

A Happy Halloween For Our Furry Friends

Spider Pup Dog Costume
$32 –

Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume

Iron Man Dog Costume
$19 –

Disney Snow White Dog Costume
$19 –

Dorothy Dog Costume

Holy Hound Dog Costume
$19 –

Bride of Frankenpup Dog Costume
$16 –