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Daily Archives: July 26, 2016

Pasquale Jones

I have been reading about one of the hottest restaurants in NYC, Pasquale Jones since the spring.  Gwyneth listed it as one of her must try new restaurants and Jessica Seinfeld is posting non stop about the delicious food.  Pasquale Jones, a squeal to the excellent Charlie Bird NYC,  is a no tipping, no telephone restaurant that only accepts a very few reservations via its website and walk ins.  It is located in the heart of Little Italy on Mulberry St.  If you are not lucky enough to secure an online reservation there might be quite a wait.  However, the food is incredible.  The menu is compact but everything is outstanding from the impressive wine list to the thin crust pizzas to the savory entrees.  I have to agree with all the celebs and magazine editors, Pasquale Jones is a huge hit!!!!!  For more information, click HERE.

images Pasquale Jones