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Daily Archives: April 22, 2016

Fashionable Friend Friday

Happy Earth Day!!!  Today’s Fashionable Friend Friday are the Gurus of cleaning, Gwen Whiting and Lindsay Boyd of the Laundress.  These two amazing ladies started this company after long stints at Ralph Lauren and Chanel.  They were finding that the dry cleaner was ruining many of their prize garments.  So as graduates of the Cornell University’s Fiber Science, Textile, and Apparel Management and Design Program they saw the opportunity to advance the world of fabric care.  Their products are incredible.  I love each one.  I am addicted to their Wrinkle Release and everything gets sprayed with their Fabric Fresh.  Their flagship store on Prince St is so gorgeous and I love going there to just look around, watch cleaning demonstrations and learn new techniques.  For more information about the Laundress or to view all of their life-changing products, click HERE

I was lucky enough to interview Gwen and Lindsay and hear all of their cleaning and laundry secrets.  To Listen, click HERE