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Daily Archives: March 1, 2016

Stop and Smell The Roses

I was reading that one of the best ways to grow roses are potatoes!!!!!!  YES!!!!!  POTATOES!!!!!  It is almost spring and now is the best time to try this soooooooo……

Here goes:

1. Cut a healty rose stem on a diagonal (you can remove the flower head).

2. Make a hole in a potato at least 2 inches deep.

3.  Dip the end of the stem in plant hormone powder (this is optional but help encourage roses or grow)

4. Put the tip into the hole of the potato.

5. Bury the potato into the ground to cover the potato but leave the cutting exposed.

6. Put a stake in the ground and loosely attached the cutting to keep it straight.

7. Water the soil around the planting but do not soak the ground as too much water will rot the potato.




image wickimedia