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Daily Archives: June 12, 2015

Fashionable Friend Friday

We are just ending two weeks of celebrations…. proms, school closing ceremonies, graduations, confirmations and I have to say that each was a virtual runway of the most amazing fashions. All of the outfits were really something from the long pastel prom dresses to the colorful choices the teen girls made for the end of school ceremony and under their confirmation gowns (high wedges seemed to be the shoe of choice with the younger set!!) to the chic ensembles of the mom’s sitting in the audience.  However, one fashionable friend really stood out, her choices were impeccable.  Here is a similar look based upon her perfect look.  Bon Weekend!!!

Fashionable Friend Friday

Monsoon dress

Gina high heel sandals
$695 –

Valentino purse
$2,270 –

Bracelet jewelry
$560 –