Creative Rajni…Cooked with Love: is the Private Chef You Need To Check Out!!!!

Have you ever dreamed of a private chef coming to your home and spoiling your guests as well as yourself? Look no further than Creative Rajni of Cooked with LOVE. Chef Rajni is amazing and she offers the private chef experience, serving South Indian-inspired creative dishes in your home as well as fabulous cooking classes for her clients.

I recently hosted one of Creative Rajni’s dinners for a few amazing local Influencers. The food was perfection and Chef Rajni was a dream to work with. From planning the menu to pairing wine with the courses. I loved collaborating with her on this private chef dinner.

The outcome was a beautiful and exquisite dinner party! 

Our menu consisted of vegetable crisps with a creamy garlic dip, Malabar chicken Biriyani, spiced peas with onions and coconut milk, and spiced beet yogurt. And our amazing dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache from @mixingbowlnyc, beautiful centerpiece by @lavishgardener, and the incredible charcuterie by @traychictreats!! 

Cooking has always been a passion of Chef Rajni. She grew up seeing her mom and grand-mom cook for her huge family in her hometown- Kerala, South India. They would be in the kitchen for hours together grinding, sauteing, seasoning, and cooking up her amazing creations of mostly coconut-based food with a ton of vegan options. Rajni has been cooking for over 18 years which includes getting hands-on experience working at the Michelin star chef Jean George’s restaurant kitchen. She has also trained at the Institute of Culinary education, NY for fine dining.

Creative Rajni is all about creativity in food, being fearless in the kitchen, and most importantly- COOKED WITH LOVE. She strives to combine fashion and food on a plate. Her belief is that creating delicious food is a work of art. All her meals produce chic and elegant plates of food inspired by South India.

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