When Can We All Get Back To Our Global Adventures?’

Are you itching to see the world again?

While many of us have been taking the time to look back over the many different destinations we’ve been able to visit, including those that we hope to visit in the future, the majority of us are, in fact, locked down to one location. Travelers have been far from immune to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, it has forced most of us to stay sheltered in place. Many people are wondering the same thing: when will it all end? Perhaps slightly less importantly: when can we all get back to traveling?

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When will the airports open again?

One of the things to bear in mind is that, while most of us will not be able to travel for some time yet, it doesn’t mean that no-one is able to travel, period. In fact, many airports are still open and some people are flying during the pandemic. Right now, however, these flights are only reserved for essential travel, such as people who are stuck overseas and need to get home, travel for medical needs or to care for others in your family, and so on.

Where and when can we go?

To put it simply, there is no set date as to when all airports are going to open their gates to travel once again. Not only is it likely to change depending on infection and recovery rates, but it will also change from country to country. Most countries are, right now, closed for tourism. Some might be open to citizens and residents, with aims to open to foreign nationals later. If you’re looking to fly during coronavirus, then be sure to check sites that will update you on the travel restrictions facing both your country and the country you’re planning to head to in the future. Above all else, exercise caution as best as possible.

Will travel change post-lockdown?

Even when things “go back to normal,” one should anticipate that what we mean by normal is likely to change to some extent. We don’t even know if airports will be open at all this summer, but some of the changes to travel we can expect will include changes in those airports. This will exclude more detailed screening measures, a need to prove immunization (once it’s available), and more strict cleanliness rules on flights, as well. The costs of travel may, however, experience a slight drop, however. A lot of airlines will be looking to recoup losses experienced as a result of the lockdown, which may mean lowering prices to help get more people in seats. However, the increased demand for travel after lockdown might even out with that to some degree.

Some countries are starting to show signs of recovery and are even looking into opening their borders again. However, even if that’s the case, some travel restrictions may apply for some time and we don’t know how permanent any return to normality will be. Until then, local car travel is a better option to keep you and your family safe and to continue to stop the spread.

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