Vintage Colored Glass

There is nothing more beautiful than setting a table with vintage colored glasses. I recently visited the showroom of Back Country Mercantile and Amanda, the founder had just received a bunch of sparkly new glasses representing all the colors of the rainbow. I chose a gorgeous turquoise pair and I have used and adored them all summer. Now I am starting to think of what color my next set will be for the fall. As usual, I went to Pinterest to give me some inspiration. Here is what I found and I am in LOVE with each table setting..

Image SouthernVintageTable
Image Pinterest
Image Pinterest UK
Image Pinterest
Image House Beautiful

Here are some of the designs that Backcountry Mercantile has in stock now. I am really loving the amethyst in a pattern called eyewinkler (you can see it below in green). Contact Amanda if anything catches YOUR eye!!!

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