The Best BBQ We Ever Had

I first have to say…BBQ was really never my thing. My husband LOVES it. So I was always along for the ride. A few years ago my friend Todd, really got into using a smoker in his cooking and one night at his house BBQ’d for everyone….Needless to say…it was AMAZING. I have introduced you to his Instagram page Happens At The Bean. If you don’t follow it, you really should..its really great….Last week Todd told me he started cooking with his friend, Leland, a BBQ guru and owner of the Avellino Family Barbecue and who has created a Saturday take out menu with a pick up in Stamford. Each week they email you the menu. You place the order by Thursday and arrange for a Saturday afternoon pick up. You can eat it that night or they will give you reheating instructions so you can buy for the upcoming week!! So far, we have had the Corn Bread, Ribs, Wings with the “Woody” Marinade, and the Brisket. Everyone in our house thought it was the best BBQ we’ve ever had!!!!!! We cannot wait for this weekend!!! To get on the list or to order for Saturday night, click HERE. I might have to try those baked beans!!!!

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