Taking the Easter Basket To The Next Level

I have been following The Manca studio for a while now. I first saw one of their basket bags on my friend Julie. I was obsessed. It was absolutely beautiful. She had a perfectly woven Nantucket-style basket with a chic Hermes scarf liner. I then saw that the bag can be custom-made in many designs. I recently partnered with the founder Christina to share her story and her bags with you.

After washing ashore on Nantucket Island, Christina found herself in need of a hobby. Combining a passion for Nantucket with a love of all things crafty, Lightship Basket weaving was the perfect fit. The Nantucket Weaving Studio offers a wide variety of baskets both in-stock and made-to-order. 

The Christina Rose Collection is a carefully curated compilation of lightship basket purses, furniture, and lighting with a distinctly modern vibe – designed by Christina herself. 

‚ÄčChristina Rose Manca lives on Nantucket. You can find her weaving some joy into her day in her studio, on the beach, or in town all year long. After all, life isn’t just about baskets.

I have been carrying my Minkie M Bag nonstop since Christina made it for me.

To view the entire collection, click HERE. And for frequently asked questions about the beautiful bags, click HERE.

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IMG 1958
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