Summer in Chicago: Here’s Why You Should Visit

I have been receiving many requests for Summer road trip ideas….SOOOOO….The city of Chicago, located on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is known for its skyscrapers, architecture, museums, and a never-ending list of things to do. It was recently put on the list of future megacities in the world, with its growing population to exceed 10 million inhabitants. While you can visit and see the classic spots such as the Bean, seeing a few of the classic sites as well as partaking in some local events is a great way to get to know and explore the city. With great weather and plenty of outdoor activities, summer is a great time to visit Chicago! Since many summer vacations are being canceled now is a great time to take a road trip, whether you are looking at a school or just wanting to get away for a few days. Or, put it on your bucket list to visit next summer!!! Here are a few reasons why you should visit Chicago:

Take a tour of the city and see the public art

The city is full of historic buildings, culinary spots that are worth spending some time at, and viewpoints that you can learn about along with so much more in a tour of the city. Along the way, you’ll find public art all throughout the city, from train station walls, to sidewalks, to lakefront sites. You’ll also see while the city is often referred to as a concrete jungle, there is over 8,000 acres of green spaces throughout Chicago! 

If you want to get city views from the water, take a tour of the city on a ‘dining’ cruise.

The many rooftop bars and restaurants 

Since safe outdoor dining is recommended….Rooftop bars and restaurants in Chicago are a must. With the incredible skyline and summer weather, a drink or meal with a view is a popular thing to do for locals and visitors alike. Many restaurants offer the opportunity to dine al fresco, but there is something special about rooftop dining! A couple of favorites are the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel’s Raised Bar and LH Rooftop.  

The beaches

Chicago has lakefront beaches that you can stop of at for beach days, gorgeous views, and some water sports. A few of the best beaches to visit in Chicago are: North Avenue Beach, Leone Beach Park, Foster Beach, and Belmond Harbor Dog Beach.

Run through sprinklers 

With all there to see and do in the city, you’ll want a place to cool down in that summer heat! You can run through the sprinklers at Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. You can also head to one of the many Chicago Park District water playgrounds, such as the Archer Water Playground or Austin Water Playground if you are traveling with kids.

Have you been to Chicago? What do you recommend seeing while in the city? 

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