Step Up Your Style Game With Women’s Heels

Heels elevate your look and accentuate your confidence. You can appear taller and leaner with them as well.

Heels come in many styles and heel heights, each offering a unique style statement and practicality. Many options are available, whether you want to dress up your LBD with sexiness or wear heels, jeans, and a blazer for a casual day.

Espadrille Heels

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Whether you’re headed to the beach or want to lighten your look for summer, a pair of espadrille heels is a great choice. Featuring a sole made of woven jute fabric, these shoes give off a laid-back, casual vibe and work well with sundresses, shorts, and jeans. They can also be dressed up for a dressier look.

Espadrilles are a summer shoe staple, and you can find them in various styles to suit your tastes. You can choose from flat espadrilles with simple leather-and-rope designs or a heel version like these tawny suede wedges. For a more playful style, try lace-up espadrilles with laces that wrap around the ankle or higher up on the leg for a personalized fit.

You can’t go wrong with a strappy raffia espadrille sandal to improve your feminine style. These versatile shoes from TOMS are perfect for a casual dinner date with friends or running errands in the city. You can even dress them up with a floral midi skirt and blazer for a chic office-appropriate outfit.

Lace-Up Heels

Whether for a classic, strappy pair or something more daring, lace-up heels elevate your look and give your pins some severe length. This feminine style looks chic with hemlines above the ankle, such as jeans or a fitted midi skirt or dress.

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Heel height is a significant factor in comfort, appearance, and how you walk, so take the time to understand your options. Generally, there are three types of heel heights, each offering different advantages and optimal settings for wear.

If you’re new to heels, practice walking around the house in your shoes before wearing them out for an extended period. This will help you get used to the sensation and make it easier to navigate tricky situations like stairs or when encountering crowded streets. It’s also a good idea to stretch out your legs and calves before you go out to prepare for any strain on them that may occur from the added height of your shoes.

Block Heels

Block heels feature wide heel bases that add height to your look while distributing your weight more evenly than skinny stilettos. This makes them easier to walk in and less stressful on your feet if you’re used to heels but struggle with the pain of long walks or dancing in narrow heels.

From chunky mules that balance style and comfort to chic closed-toe styles for a day in the office, you’ll find all the women’s block heel shoes you need at Sam Edelman. These woven leather block heel sandals and mules can elevate your jeans, tee, or even your favorite maxi dress. The low, square block heel and sleek chocolate brown finish will up your casual chic quotient, and the comfortable elastic gores will prevent rubbing or blisters.

Wear your new block heel pumps with a floral dress or skirt to elevate your spring and summer wardrobe, or slip on a pair of open-toe block heel mules to take you to your next dinner date or evening event. Embroidered or crystal-embellished block-heel shoes can up the glamour factor of your formal dresses and gowns, and you can even wear them to outdoor parties or other events that last for hours.

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Cone Heels

A throwback from the 50s and 60s, Cone Heels have a base that starts wide at the top and slims down like a reverse pyramid as it hits the ground. They look fabulous with fitted trousers and ankle-revealing summer dresses. They also pair well with a midi skirt and blouse. This unique style provides more surface area for balance, so they’re a good choice for heel wearers new to heels.

Heels aren’t one-size-fits-all, so choosing the right style for each occasion and outfit is essential. If you’re new to heels, try to break your shoes in by wearing them around the house before you wear them to a night out. And remember to stretch out your legs before you head out to ensure you can walk comfortably in your heels all night long. To get the most out of your heels, shop our collection of women’s shoes today!

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are a timeless option that offers a little height without putting additional strain on your feet, legs, or back. They’re also stylish and comfy. They come in various styles and heel heights, from shorter wedges that provide a subtle boost to taller styles that will turn heads. Look for espadrille-inspired looks with jute-wrapped wedges for that summery feel, or try something more structured and formal, like a faux-wood grain pattern to go with your favorite little black dress.

Unlike heels, which have a small point that can catch on things as you walk, wedges feature an elevated outsole with a broader base that makes them easier to balance in. They also distribute weight more evenly across the foot, which is helpful for women with high heels problems that put a lot of pressure on the foot’s arch.

Pair wedge heels with a midi skirt and a fitted t-shirt for a great look to elevate your everyday style. Or wear them with jeans and a blouse for a night out at an upscale restaurant or a cocktail party at your favorite club.

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