Readers Questions Answered? What Does It Take To Fully Renovate Your Home?

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Renovating parts of your home can refresh important rooms and areas. Usually, you might tackle one project at a time, whether it’s installing a new kitchen or converting your basement. But there are times when you might want to attempt a full renovation of your home all at once. Maybe you’ve looked around and realized that everything looks very out of date. Or you might have just moved into an older home that needs to be modernized or renovated to make it more your taste. When there’s a lot of work to be done, it can be tough to decide what to do first.

Decide Whether to Live In or Out

Home renovations are a lot of work and they can be very disruptive to your home. Before you start any work, you need to decide whether you can deal with being around it while it’s ongoing. If you think it would be too stressful or inconvenient, you might prefer to move out while the work is happening. Of course, this means you need to find somewhere else to stay while the work is being completed. This could be staying with friends or family, or it might mean staying in a hotel or other accommodation.

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Move and Store Your Stuff

It’s difficult to renovate your home when there’s a lot of furniture and other things to work around. You can cover some things with dust sheets and other items to protect everything, but it’s not always the best solution for items that can get in the way. You might want to book a moving company to move your things out of your home. You could rent a storage unit or find somewhere else to store some of your possessions. Alternatively, you could move things from room to room as you work on different spaces in your home.

Create a Project Schedule

Before you renovate your home, you need to know what is going to happen and when. It’s important to have a schedule to follow, partly so you can plan the rest of your life around it. It’s even more helpful if you’re going to be living at home while renovations are ongoing. You might try to get as much done at the same time, or you could complete your renovations in stages. The second option can allow you to take breaks between small projects so that you don’t have to have too much going on at once.

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DIY or Professional Help?

Of course, one of the big questions, when you’re renovating your home, is whether to do the work yourself or to hire contractors to do it for you. You might decide to go one way or the other for all of the work that needs to be done. On the other hand, you could do some of the work yourself and leave some of the more difficult or labor-intensive projects to professionals.

Fully renovating your home takes a lot of work, as well as a lot of money. But it can also be rewarding to refresh your home.

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