Picnic Recipes Greek Salad In A Jar

I predict we are going to have A LOT of picnics this summer, with the uncertainty of dining out upon us. But I am actually looking forward to it. I love getting together with my friends. I miss them so much right now. A picnic lunch sounds so divine. Just sit, unpack and talk….wipe the past 11 weeks away and make up for lost time. I think I will make these Greek Salads. I read that there is a special way to assemble these jar salads so they come out just right. First, you add the dressing and any “Juicy” ingredients, then the heavy more sturdy ingredients and finally the delicate lettuce on top. Seal your jar and you are good to go!!! Bon Appetit!!!

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adapted from Simply Nourished Living

3 oz Turkey breast, roast or grilled chicken

4 peppadew peppers chopped

1/4 cup Grape tomatoes

1/4 cucumber

2 cups Romaine lettuce

4 Greek kalamata olives

2 tbsp Lemon Tahini (they sell this at whole foods) or Greek Dressing

2 tbsp Feta cheese


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