Long Pendant Necklaces

I am dying for long pendant necklaces this fall. They look great with all tops and make such a statement. Last night I was at a dinner for an amazing friend’s birthday and as I looked around the table at all of the oh so fashionable women who were wearing fabulous pendants. Which one should we choose……Long Pendant Necklaces

Hoop Earrings

I cannot get enough of hoop earrings. I think they are a great look for day and evening. Running out to get mine now!!!Hoop Earrings

Coffee Tables

OH IRENE….Hurricane Irene hit our town with a bang. I had some damage to my house, especially my family room. I am looking for some new furniture to replace the damaged items. Lets start with a coffee table. Wow, these are all winners. Very hard to choose just one…Coffee Tables

Swing Time

I could really use a gorgeous swing coat for this fall. My comings and goings would be so much more fabulous!!Swing Time

Back to School

Today, my children went back to school with huge smiles on their faces and backpacks filled with groovy school supplies. With back to school accessories like these, who doesn’t want to get back to class?Back to School

Favorite Shoes – Vivier

Roger Vivier shoes are so gorgeous. I have been dying for a pair for ages. A while ago, I dragged two of my best gals to Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. While they are trying on Pradas, Manolos and Choos, I was drooling over the Viviers. Bergdorf is one of the only places you can purchase them in my area. I finally choose an amazing black suede pair with a tortoise buckle. Here are some for you to choose from.Favorite Shoes - Vivier