Not Your Ordinary Face Mask

So as of 8:00 tonight, there is a new order….New Yorkers are required to wear a mask when going out in public. This is our new normal. But just because you have to wear a mask does not mean it cannot be a fun fashionable one. I actually found some really cute styles for you. I ended up ordering from all 3 for all my family members and also for a bunch of gifts. For better or worse, I have a feeling we will be wearing masks for a while. Bon Weekend!!!!!.

I fell in love with these one a kind designer logo masks from BeYounique. Each mask is $30. Jenn has many to choose from but since they are all unique, and made to order when one style is gone, it’s gone so ACT FAST….Email to Order yours!

Earlier this week, I ordered a Georgetown and Providence mask from Hipchik Home. .Pick your own school. Each mask is $25. EMAIL to order!

These cute preppy masks are made by Amy Bryant Designs. They come in both adult and children’s sizes and can be made with a filter pocket. Each adult mask is $12 with the filter pocket and $10 without. Choose your print by the number below and email to place your order!!!

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  1. Naeem | 18th Apr 20

    If I was on the task force to stop this Coronavirus COVID-19, I would allow many business open – but keep kids away from daycare and schools- parties-so on. As long as everyone going outside not their yard- has their face (nose and mouth) covered.

  2. Haiten Alister | 18th Apr 20

    As several others have pointed out the purpose of me wearing a homemade mask isn’t to protect me from you. Its to protect you from me. Everybody wearing a homemade mask would greatly reduce the virus in the air and settling on surfaces.

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