How To Organize Your Dresser

When your life gets busy, you can put aside outstanding tasks to concentrate on what is important at the time. This can include tidying up your dresser in your bedroom. Spending a few moments straightening the contents on top of and inside this piece of furniture will make your life easier later when you are searching for something. Here are a few tips for organizing your things. 

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Account For What Is Inside

Empty out the drawers and set the contents on the floor or on your bed to sort through. This is a good time to determine if the article of clothing is something you still wear or if you want to get rid of it. Store away clothes that are out of season, then prepare to bring them out when it is time. Pile like items together and decide what drawer they would fit best in. Save the smaller spaces for things like underwear or socks and the larger ones for sweaters, sweatshirts, and pants. If there is something that would work better on a hanger, take the time to hang it in your closet instead. 

Organize The Top Of the Dresser

Clear away the belongings on top of the dresser and wipe off the dust or other debris on it. Analyze what was there and decide where it should actually go. If it is a random piece of clothing, place it in the drawer it belongs. If you have different pieces of jewelry lying around, set them back in the box they belong in for safekeeping or add a decorative dish to hold these items. If your jewelry storage is also a mess, slip some jewelry inserts inside so that you can organize them by category. Set up any art or decorative pieces that you might have displayed on your dresser to finish off the look.

What To Do With the Extra Items

Once you have your dresser organized, determine what to do with the items that you are willing to part with. You can post them in an online marketplace site or clean the rest of your house and have a garage sale.  You can consider donating them to a non-profit organization that has a discount store of their own to raise money for their cause or contact the veterans to come pick up your donations. This is very easy to do and very satisfying. If these objects have a sentimental value to you, pack them carefully into a box and store them somewhere that is cool and dry, like your attic or basement. Purchase an airtight container to store them in to protect them from the elements and to prevent anything from falling on them and damaging them.

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