Homeowners 101 Questions: Is it hard to replace the kitchen faucet?

 The kitchen, beyond being the epicenter of delicious dishes and recipies, can also unleash a whole series of problems, especially concerning the sink. Because of this, you need to get into the practice of responding to incidents that may arise before they become a larger problem.

 Replacing the kitchen faucet does not have to become a headache, but rather a practical situation when you have the right information. It does not take long, but just a few specific tips for action.

Discover the details of replacing the kitchen faucet

Changing the kitchen tap is something simple. Within all the jobs that make up the kitchen plumbing, this can be one of the most prominent that one can undertake to get out of a jam, instead of letting the situation become much worse and causing you colossal chaos.

 By following the steps one by one you can lessen this big potential problem. There are also different recommendations to ensure perfect results while saving money and time. However, sometimes it is really not possible for you to move forward on your own and, it is better to go to an expert. So as for any home repair job, first access the current situation, if it appears to be out of your control, definitely call in a professional service. It will save you money in the long run.

 If you do decide to proceed on your own it will take you about an hour to replace this part of your kitchen. So for such a small time commitment, you can get rid of a problem that majorly restricts the kitchen’s daily activities. Overall, this kind of installation is relatively easy.

It is common to have problems with your sink faucet, as it is a tool that is used every day and therefore has flaws. Wear and tear is a big issue that leads to the decay of the faucet.

Take on this simple task of replacing the kitchen faucet

Replacing the kitchen faucet on your own can be carried out with a specific step-by-step procedure that shortens the impediments. And with little plumbing knowledge needed, just having the necessary tools and the ability to follow each piece of information will get the job done quickly and easily.

First, it must be made clear that each tap has a different type of operation or structure, so you must know what kind that you have prior to starting the repairs. We will look at the single-lever tap model This is one of the common ones and the fix is as follows.

You will need a pipe wrench, a spanner, a screwdriver, and the new tap that you want to install.

Make sure to have a bucket nearby to catch any drips, a mop to clean up and to cover any lighting near by that might get wet in the process.

The reduced space of your sink area is what can make this job difficult. So you must be extra careful when working on this and do not forget to turn off your water source before you began, as to prevent any waste of this resource.

The Straight forward process of replacing the kitchen faucet

Replacing the kitchen faucet requires the closing of each stopcock, and then focusing on working on the hoses. Start by unscrewing the hoses. This is done by employing the wrench.

 When loosening the hoses, as you turn them, free the tap entirely, and extract it completely. Then continue to install the new faucet. It is necessary to adjust and press each hose so that it establishes a connection. Make sure that it connects completely so that there are no leaks evident.

A good idea is to attach Teflon tape to the hose before connecting it. The connection should be fastened with the fastening screw turned clockwise until well fastened. And lastly place a rubber gasket in the hose to prevent future leaks.

 Each home improvement no matter how large or small presents its own difficulties. But if you always follow repair instructions carefully you are able to make any repair successfully and quickly.

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