Have You Tried The Latest Fall Trend…The Shacket?

The leaves are changing, fall activities are full of family and friends, and it’s time to embrace outerwear again! It’s the perfect time of year to break out your favorite oversized shackets — those cozy essentials that are between shirts and jackets and better than both when it comes to comfort and aesthetics. However, because shackets are so special, sometimes it’s hard to know what you can wear with them. Here’s some inspiration to help you learn how to style a shacket for fall.  

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Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Remember, just because you can rock your shacket jacket every single day doesn’t mean you always have to wear it in the same way. It can be fun to try out a variety of combinations, rather than wearing your shacket with the same jeans or sweatpants every time. Actually, it can be great to dress up your oversized shacket, but we’ll get to that in a minute. 

The point is, you don’t always have to run up your credit card to be a part of the latest fashion trends —  sometimes you just need to be more creative with how you bring together pieces you already own.

You may be surprised what looks good with your new outerwear, so don’t be afraid to experiment as you learn how to style a shacket. Consider what in your capsule wardrobe will work together. For example, warm up a leather mini skirt with a corduroy shirt jacket and knee-high boots. Or elevate those leggings and tank with a long-line shacket and heels. This is a great way to transition your favorite summer pieces into the colder months!

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Dress It Up

You probably already have chic, modern dresses in your closet, so why not complete them with a casual, oversized shacket? You might be surprised how well they fit together. This fall, a shirt jacket layered over a flowy midi dress makes a great pair. If your shacket is a solid color, try a patterned dress (or vice versa) for a clean finish. 

Make a statement during a night out with friends or a dinner date! Picture this: a flowy teal midi dress with a soft plaid shacket. So cute, right? Or think about how luxurious a leopard print midi would look with a black or white sherpa shacket. 

To make the ensemble more laid-back, add some fun earrings and your favorite sneakers with a casual bag slung over your shoulder. For a dressier occasion, try pearl accessories, strappy heels, and a glittery clutch. You’ll love the versatility you can find even with the same shacket over the same dress, just by switching up your styling choices with shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

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Coordinate Your Layers with Your Accessories

It’s true that accessories make the outfit. However, the best shackets are those that can act as the standout feature of your fall outfits. For a put-together finish, coordinate your layers and accessories with the colors and designs of your oversized shacket.

This season, it’s all about scarves, booties, and wide-brimmed hats. Luckily, all of these accessories perfectly complement the light design and oversized fit of a shacket. 

For example, if your go-to shacket is a checkered plaid in maroon and white with gold buttons, try a maroon undershirt, black pants, and white boots paired with gold jewelry. Repeating the shacket’s color within the rest of your outfit will make for a sophisticated look. Paying attention to the little details, like matching the metallic accents, will level up your style while you enjoy the effortless comfort of your cute, oversized shacket.

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Embrace the Basics

Neutrals are traditionally seen as easy-to-pair shades, but they’re anything but basic. In fact, they’re the perfect foundation for any capsule wardrobe. 

Embrace the basics with must-have neutrals to style your shirt jacket. It would look amazing with some brilliant white ankle boots, for instance, or add a rust or olive shacket to tan jeans for a classic fall outfit. The possibilities are endless.

While neutrals are a great autumnal staple, shades of brown are especially popular this year. From beige and caramel to terracotta and taupe, different brown hues work together as a great monochromatic outfit or come together as accents for brighter, signature shades. Whether you choose a chocolate shacket or pair a lighter option with brown-toned accents, you’re sure to look amazing this season.

Personalize Your Ensembles

You don’t have to choose between trendy and cozy this fall. Get both by coordinating your layers and embracing the basics with your oversized shackets. As you learn how to style a shacket, don’t be afraid to experiment with dressing it up or trying new things as you work to personalize your look!

And here I am in my own Shacket. Naturally, I purchased the black but I am tempted to get the white or camel. I really love mine so much!!!

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