Fences Make Good Neighbors

Looking for privacy? Well, you’ve come to the right place because there are a lot of interesting privacy solutions for homeowners. The traditional saying goes ‘fences make good neighbors. But what is this true? Well, you don’t feel like your private space is invaded, not by their overgrown plants or weeds and neither by their prying eyes. But it’s also because spaces are clearly defined. You don’t get into arguments with people, who know where they stay with each other. But surely, there are modern and contemporary ways to achieve this right?

The classic fence

Let’s start off with the benchmark, the classic fence. Did you know that it’s not just wood that is used for the garden fence but vinyl too. Vinyl is cheaper and lighter but doesn’t have the same kind of allure that wood does. These are some of the fence companies that you should be contacting to know more about the key differences. Wood is very versatile but needs to be taken care of more proactively. It is also more prone to things like termites and rot. However, vinyl may be lighter and less work, but it’s not as strong as wood. If you live in a cold or windy area, you may want more support for your fence. The last thing you want to do is to have one of your fences pushed down by the wind, and have it crush the neighbor’s rose patch.


Steel fence

The modern steel fence is usually found in gated communities or upper-middle-class homes. As you can imagine, it’s more daunting and imposes a different kind of image onto your home. Painted in black, white or just kept bare, the steel fence is a very sturdy and elegant option when done right. The stems and spikes on a steel fence make for good protection from burglars and wild animals. This kind of fence is great if you have small children and live in a neighborhood where there are big dogs around. However, it’s also one for longevity, so once it’s in it’s very tough and expensive to remove, so make up your mind thoroughly before fitting this type of fence.

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Pickets and planks

The contemporary fence is etched in everyone’s mind because it’s so simple and picturesque. The white picket fence is made up of dense wood, such as oak, cedar or beech. You can also get yew wood if you want to engrave personal designs into each plank. However, you should note that this kind of fence is more for the front garden and not the back. It won’t afford much privacy but it looks homely and comforting. You can set how far you want each plank to be which will determine how much people can see beyond the fence and how protected your children playing on the lawn will be.

Fences are great for your privacy but they can also bring a new layer of depth to your property. Choose wisely and select the kind of color and material you want beforehand. 

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