Anatomy Of A Scandal Interiors…

I really enjoyed the Netflix mini-series Anatomy of a Scandal. I was so impressed with the acting of Sienna Miller and of course her chic outfits! But what really stopped me in my tracks was the interiors. The Whitehouse home was perfection. I loved all the flower arrangements and plants scattered throughout. The all ivory living room was beyond gorgous. Below are some scenes from the movie. All photos are from Netflix.

I love how they used the Cole and Sons Woods wallpaper in the kitchen.

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The library is so masculine. It has so much old world charm..

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The living room is my favorite. I love the neutral color scheme with the pop of green. Also the art deco bar cart is stunning, as are the velvet chairs and glass lamps with drum shades.

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The sitting room really mixes the old with the new “look” between the demask wallpaper, the comtempry art and the large brass mantle clock…brilliant…Also love the PINK!!!


Another shot of the Living Room…so interesting how the family portraits are postiioned off center to the side of the sofa. Again, the art deco influence in the side tables and large brass coffee table are incredible!!

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Another view of the kitchen, the green color theme continues with the cabinets and Island. So pretty.

anatomy of a scandal sienna miller 3

The dining area is simply beautiful. The oil painiting centered above the banquette is fabulous. Love the exterior door and the blonde wood dining chairs.

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