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Daily Archives: March 14, 2024

Experience the Magic: Water for Elephants on Broadway

Broadway is set ablaze with the arrival of “Water for Elephants,” an electrifying adaptation of Sara Gruen’s cherished novel. This theatrical marvel whisks audiences into a world of love, loss, and circus enchantment. The story follows Jacob, a young vet student thrust into the captivating chaos of the Benzini Brothers circus during the Great Depression. Amidst the big top’s vibrant tapestry, Jacob finds solace, love, and redemption in Marlena, the star equestrian, and Rosie, the gentle yet mighty elephant. With meticulous set designs and stellar performances, “Water for Elephants” captivates with its depth and emotion. Its timeless themes of hope and solidarity resonate, reminding us of the power of empathy. As the lights dim, Broadway invites you to join the spectacle. Step into a world where dreams soar and hearts unite—a journey of laughter, tears, and the magic of live theater.

We have a block of tickets in the orchestra section reserved for April 30th at 7 pm. We are fortunate enough to be offered a talkback after the show with . The tickets are $150. Email me to save your spot.

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