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Daily Archives: March 13, 2024

Paris Fashion Week With Luxury Fashion Stylist Lisa Chambers.

What are some of the standout trends that emerged during Paris Fashion Week for the autumn/winter 2024 collections?

As we have seen recently, minimalism is all but gone, and maximalism is back; however, even at houses like Chanel, logos weren’t on full display as they have been in the past. 

Change and freshness are everywhere. Notably quiet luxury brands like The Row demonstrated elements of creativity, modern silhouettes, and uniqueness, in addition to their already high-quality fabrics and mediums. 

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To see or not to see: sheers have staying power. On the runway, models often went braless, but beautiful undergarments by luxury brands like La Perla add elegance, interest, and coverage. 

Larger handbags are back. Even for evening, micro bags have disappeared. 

From your perspective as a luxury stylist, which designers or brands showcased the most innovative and captivating pieces during Paris Fashion Week?

I loved the looks at Chanel, Schiaparelli, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Chloe, but fashion insiders also talked about Loewe, Diesel, and Miu Miu. For my in-depth interpretations, call or email me! 

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How did the overall aesthetic and mood of the autumn/winter 2024 collections differ from previous seasons?

Creative directors seem to be embracing the shift for women to enjoy dressing again! It took a while following COVID for people to enjoy getting dressed, and then the trend was all about minimalism. Now, people enjoy putting thought and excitement into what they wear on a regular basis. 

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Were there any notable shifts or developments in terms of materials, textures, or color palettes that you observed across the collections?

Denim is now a staple in almost every brand. Whether for suits, pants, jackets, and even shoes and handbags, denim is integral. 

Leather is also a staple material in almost every collection. 

Mixing mediums like leather maxi skirts with sheer blouses is very on-trend. 

    Statement belts over outerwear add a tailored and polished look. 

    There is no rule for hemlines from micro mini, mini, knee-length, midi, and maxi, which are all on-trend. 

    Brown is the new black. Brown is the perfect color for a base piece and can be mixed with pretty much any color. 

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    As a luxury stylist, how do you anticipate incorporating the key trends and styles from Paris Fashion Week into your clients’ wardrobes for the upcoming season?

    Although luxury brands are typically on the pricey side, prices have increased in clothing and accessories. I encourage my clients to invest in pieces they can wear in multiple ways, and when they see their closets being taken over by one or two brands, it may be time to visit some newer ones. 

    I encourage clients to dress in what makes them feel their best. Whether it is a color that brightens their day or a fabric that makes them feel elegant, there isn’t a wrong time. 

    Take mirror selfies in your outfits before wearing them, particularly when purchasing prints. When viewed differently, clothing prints look different from different angles and at different distances. 

      In your opinion, what were some of the most memorable runway moments or fashion shows from Paris Fashion Week? 

      Fashion lovers anxiously awaited to see Chloe, with Chemeni Kamali as the new creative director, and Alexander McQueen, with Sean McGirr as the new creative director. It was a very interesting time for those brands. 

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      How do you see the trends showcased during Paris Fashion Week translating into everyday wear for clients who want to integrate high-fashion elements into their personal style?

      Mixing in bold, statement accessories is a great way to add some flair to a minimalist outfit. 

      Mixing textures and colors was all over the runways. 

        Chocolate brown is strong as a neutral color for a base piece and tonal dressing, or wearing different shades of a single color lengthens and streamlines the body. 

        If a client is a true minimalist, a classic pantsuit in a bold color rather than a true neutral would add some interest to their wardrobe. 

        Dress in what makes you feel empowered. This can mean different things to different people and situations. 

        Opt for versatile pieces. If you love a brand but are hesitant to invest in multiple pieces, find one staple, like a blazer or skirt, that can be worn in multiple ways. 

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        From a styling perspective, what are some practical tips or insights you would offer to individuals looking to incorporate elements of Paris Fashion Week’s autumn/winter 2024 collections into their own wardrobes? 

        Invest in a long statement coat that you can wear almost daily. 

        Introduce color and use brown instead of black as a base color. It’s more modern and works really well. 

        If you are interested in meeting Lisa in person…..add this fun event to your calendars!!!!

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