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Daily Archives: February 7, 2023

Reinstein Ross for Valentine’s Day

I am so excited to share the Reinstein Ross curated Valentine’s Day collection. I have been working with this brand for a short time and have fell in love with all of their pieces. I have a gorgeous south sea pendant that I wear everyday. This signature design features a brilliant white south sea pearl. Tania is named for its distinctive cluster of three granules – it’s an element that is part of the Reinstein Ross design vocabulary and often incorporated to add some delicate dimension.  I have not taken it off since the day I put it on. You can see this beatuiful look in the image below. Whats even more wonderful was that this pearl was handmade in the Reinstein Ross New York City design atelier & workshop. Read more about the living workshop HERE.

Reinstein Ross does an incredible job of stacking and layering. I have included a video that I filmed with Sarah Blair, the CEO and Jo Shin, Head of Creative for the company. Take a few minutes to listen to their suggestions about creating the perfect layer!

For more information on any of the peices featured in this post or to purchase, click HERE.

Reinstein Ross is an NYC institution- a touchstone of creativity and craftsmanship for fine artisanal jewelry. Our team of goldsmiths embodies thirty years of heritage and technique. R|R is home to a specialty workshop where gold is custom-alloyed, hand-fabricated, and set with rare gemstones of exceptional vibrancy and color. Shop online or visit the NYC Flagship located at 21 East 67th Street to experience the world of R|R

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