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Daily Archives: September 22, 2021

Have You Been To Misfit Bazaar Yet?

I have posted about Misfit Bazaar in Rye before but I have become so obsessed. Carrie the owner, curates the greatest selection of fashion items, accessories, self-care products and home decor. Since she has opened only a short time ago, some of her products have already become my go-tos and must-haves. Here are some of the things that I cannot get out of my mind.

My friend Liz is working in the store, she is there a couple of afternoons a week. Go see her. She has a great eye and helped me with this guide.

Liz pointed out this felt hat to me. is beautiful! We both tried it on and it was a winner for sure

IMG 1733

I posted Misfit’s clogs in my stories last week..I love all the styles and colors that are available!

IMG 1734

I have never done sageing but I’ve read it is a must to cleanse your home and other spaces from negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity and to promote wisdom. After the year that we had, I think we should all get one and try it.

IMG 1729

I love the extensive bar cart section. I have bought the gourmet crackers and drink mixes for friends over and over! I really love the tools too!

IMG 1735

How great are these cross-body cell phone holders? Once side has compartments for your cards/license/vaccine card…all in one safe place.

IMG 1732

There is also the most beautiful selection of soft knited sweaters where you will not find anywhere else. This watercolor cardigan is def my favorite!!!

IMG 1728

I wish you could smell these candles. OMG!! Fabulous…I think the “Surf Shop” scent was my favorite but they all were soooo good..

IMG 1726

Here are my personal must haves from the shop..The Tri Balm cleanser is amazing..I use it every night. I love the knitted washcloths, the cleansing facial sponge (my girls and I swear by this), and lastly the dry brush. I do not know if you know what dry brushing is, but I highly recommend it..It is so good for your skin and body!

IMG 1724

If you are looking for a stylish new dress, Misfit has some really pretty options for fall both short and long options.

IMG 1722

These Seasonless C Hoops made of weightless mango wood are perfection. They come in 3 sizes and beautiful colors. You have to try them for yourself and you will fall in love!!!

IMG 1727

I fell in love with this map. You scratch off the places you have visited. It makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel and is awaiting their next adventure. How fun would it be to watch the world map evolve year after year, trip after trip?

IMG 1731

I am also in love with these statement rings.

IMG 1725 1

Carrie also has a wonderful selection of notebooks. I love giving notebooks!!! You can really never have too many!!!

IMG 1737