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Daily Archives: August 23, 2021

Book Club Monday

This week’s Book Club choice is Behind the Bid,  Li-En Chong’s hilarious #OwnVoices debut –  that reveals the secretive, elite world of high-end auctions, where class identity determines the rules.

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Based on Chong’s eight years of experiences at Hong Kong-based international auction houses, Behind the Bid spins a laugh-out-loud, witty tale of what it takes to get to the top when you are weighed down with baggage that isn’t bespoke exotic leather. “Each incident and character in Behind the Bid holds a kernel of truth,” Chong explains, “Sometimes downplayed to seem more believable!”

A must-read for fans of Crazy Rich Asians and The Devil Wears Prada, luxury, ambition, and snark shine in this witty examination of wealth and excess. “Ambition requires a degree of ruthlessness and in women, it is too often criticized as aggressiveness,” Chong says, “I also wanted to address the stereotype of the docile Asian woman in a light-hearted way.”

Let’s all get together and read this book and then we can ask the author to speak to us via Zoom to answer our questions or to tell us some funny anecdotes like the time she cracked an exquisite sapphire ring. Click HERE to purchase the kindle or book or for more information!!!