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Daily Archives: April 20, 2021

Time To Visit Taaru Majeure

I know I keep talking about this great shop in Larchmont, Taaru Majeure but it because I keep going back to check out all of the new wonderful things they add each week. The store has the most beautiful dresses and now cover-ups for the summer. I am so in love with every single one. It’s so hard to leave without something and I love trying every piece on. I went back last weekend to the shop on Larchmont Ave, just to look around again….You have see some of my favorite things:

OK this clutch is literally drop dead..this photo does not do it justice. It is the most incredible piece in person!!!

IMG 7657

I love how they layer these beaded necklaces. When I was there they were flying out of the shop.

IMG 7408

I cannot forget all of the awesome home accessories. The rugs are soo cool and I really need that grateful sign..I just love it…

IMG 7409

Onto the cover-ups. I wish I had one of these a few week’s ago for my trip. They are so pretty. The scalloped neck and sleeves are perfection. There is also an rainbow of colors…I cannot decide which I would love more for summer!!

IMG 7414

Ok, now this dress is perfection. I love the blue and that bag!!!…I am all about mixing prints, especially if one is leopard!!!!

IMG 7410

These are their picnic baskets for the summer…..The shape is so great…I cannot wait to take one with me to the beach…hmmmm also hard to choose a color..

IMG 7418

There is a large selection of woven beach bags. These would make such great gifts for all my spring/summer bestie’s birthdays!!!

IMG 7419

Another cover-up…and more bags….Again, it is so hard to decide which is my favorite…everything looks so tempting!!!

IMG 7415