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Daily Archives: August 21, 2020

Home Goods Round-Up

As we get closer to the fall months the selection at Home Goods becomes OFF THE CHARTS…I ran in yesterday to the Port Chester location to grab some decorative storage bins for my daughter’s bathroom (long story…right before the COVID hit, her tile floor buckled…..GREAT!!!)…So they are finally getting around to replacing it…I thought I would get her some new accessories as well…just to refresh the entire space…However, much to my delight the overall assortment of merchandise was incredible…

My rattan love continues…I was drooling over this bar cart… awesome for a cabana or a pool house!!!

This artwork has all the Ashley Longshore Art vibes..I should have bought it for my Daisy’s room. Maybe I will go back…

This clover shaped ottoman was would look so great in a living room…

I thought these rattan stools were really unique.

You really cannot see the detail of these bamboo shelves…I almost brought them home with me..

I am obsessed with these baskets..The shape is really wonderful. I bought a few from Ikea last year and I use them for everything..this one was on sale too!!!

I fell in love with this rattan tray….I loved the detail on the side…

These candle holders are soooo pretty..I LOVE the grey color.

I thought these green orbs were really interesting..,.the gold accents are really nice too!!

I usually pass right by the rugs but this blue and white one was soo dynamic looking and it was a really nice large size..

This blush color is so on trend right now…

Recently I started collecting Asian blue and white pieces…I am obsessed with this garden stool and how great does it look with those vases?..instant collection right there!!!!!

This urn was HUGE>>>>>I have never seen one like this in Home Goods before!!

And if blue and white are not your colors…How gorgeous are these????