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Daily Archives: August 12, 2020

Let’s Go Camping….

I was scrolling through Facebook a couple of weeks ago and something stopped me in my tracks. It was an old friend’s post…She had just explained how she finished a very unique renovation project and encouraged her friends to take on a dream and make it happen. My friend is Ruthie, and we have known each other for years and years…Ruthie has always been so cool and totally chill and really inspiring..BUT her lastest adventure honestly has me even more in complete awe of her talents. Ruthie and her family have just embarked on an RV adventure…She bought an RV and completely overhauled the entire thing, BY HERSELF. And, I have to say it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I have all the before and after photos below and honestly, I have to say this is one of my favorite posts that I have EVER done. The work that Ruthie did on this Camper is so amazing. I learned from talking to Ruthie that the RV business is so behind every other in terms of design and updating its look. Basically this is going to be their home on wheels for months so why shouldn’t it reflect the beauty and style of their permanent home. Since Ruthie finished her own RV, she has taken deposits to do 2 more…what once was a dream has become a hugely successfully launched business…….I cannot wait for you to see Ruthie’s Camper…and don’t forget to follow her HERE. Bon Voyage Ruthie….We cannot wait to follow you along the way!!!!