Searching Through The Knack Shoppe

I love a good treasure hunt more than anyone. I was so sad when the Twig Antique shop closed in Rye in NY. I never really found anything like it until now. Last week I visited The Knack Shoppe in Pound Ridge NY. It’s an adorable treasure trove chock full of gems. The owner Mary has the best eye. She takes consignments as well as runs really high-end estate sales. From vintage glassware to fine jewelry to designer shoes and clothes, it is all showcased in the Knack Shoppe. Mary is constantly receiving new merchandise so there is always something new and probably really special every time you visit…… to, as Mary’s says, “make your home more magical”. I cannot wait to visit again!!!

William Yeoward Glassware is one of my favorites..the prices were so great too!!!

IMG 1951

Any Dartmouth Grads or Parents out there? cute is this framed print?

IMG 1952

The clothing section was fab..This glamourpuss vest was adorable…

IMG 1953

A little corner in the shop!!

IMG 1955

Another corner..that chair and ottoman was stunning in person!!

IMG 1947

Napkin rings galore….

IMG 1948

The colors in this painting were outstanding..

IMG 1949

Someone please run and buy these bangles….

IMG 1950

This woven basket with stainless trim was AWESOME

IMG 1941

The Buddha head….beyond gorgeous…

IMG 1942

The jewelry was incredible…

IMG 1943

Really incredible

IMG 1944

I have a very similar fixture in my daughter’s room but I really love this one more!!

IMG 1945
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