Fun and Exciting Ways to Meet New People when Traveling

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One of the reasons you might actually get out is to meet new people when traveling. This can be as interesting as the places and make the journey much more enjoyable. So, here’s how.

Hit the Local Scene

No matter where you go, from the liveliest tourist cities to laid-back beach communities, there is always a local scene. Places like Liverpool, New York, and Barcelona have sports bars and trendy hotspots. But even more relaxed places like Pacific Californian hideaways will be home to writers, artists, and poets. Any of these can be a great way to open your mind to things you might never have experienced before. And the people are always very welcoming of tourists.

Take Photographs of Other Tourists

When you are out and about on your travels, you won’t be the only one. There will be plenty of other tourists. So why not help each other out? If you spot someone trying to take an awkward selfie next to a landmark, offer to take it for them. Or suppose there’s a couple on a romantic break in Paris. Perhaps take a photo of them with the Eiffel Tower in the background. From there, you might be able to strike up a conversation and perhaps make a few new friends.

Eat Local Food to Meet New People When Traveling

Just asking local residents about the best places to eat is a guaranteed way to start a great conversation. No matter where you go, food is the focal point of the community. And every community is proud of the produce and dishes they offer. One of the biggest disservices you can do yourself when traveling is to eat at tourist spots and international restaurant chains. You will be missing out on the great food of the country and the flavor of the place you are visiting.

Try to Stay Spontaneous

You will stress yourself if you plan every minute of every day of your trip. Being spontaneous can lead you to places you never dreamed of or imagined. Suppose you meet someone cool near your Airbnb, and they invite you to do something with them. If you have already paid for an excursion, you will have to decline to save your money and possibly miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Of course, book things you really want to do, but try to leave some wriggle room.

Meet and Greet with a Friendly Smile

Whenever arriving anywhere, it always helps if you are the first to smile and say hello. It is easy to ignore other people or wait for them to speak first. But you will come across as unapproachable and unfriendly, and you won’t meet anyone worth meeting that way. Of course, you might be a little shy. But if you begin to work your way out of your comfort zone little by little, you will quickly overcome your social fear and end up as that fun person everyone remembers.


It’s essential that you meet new people when traveling, or you can miss out on so much. Find the trendy local scene, go out of your way to find local food, and always be the first to say hello.

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