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Amazon February Best Sellers

I promised in the new year that I would do a monthly post of all of the Amazon best sellers. I went through all of my stats and here is the list for February….After seeing all the products I have to say this is one of my favorite lists so far…There is a huge assortment of products from beauty to home to electronics….Def something for everyone!!!!

This charger has been the biggest hit…everyone who orders it raves about it

Hands down the BEST spot remover!!!!

And the BEST hostess/birthday gift!

This rug is so chic and I hear it is better in person..def on my to order one day list!!!!

This bag is the cutest, perfect for all your sunny holidays and you will use it all summer long AND under $20!!!!!

These storage baskets were so popular!!!

The Best Selling Book…all month!!

Not so much a best seller yet but my sister ordered these and they are beautiful in person…just like Hermes!

The cover-up that I wore on my girl’s trip has been selling like crazy. The black is already sold out but I ordered the turquoise when I got home and I just ordered the white….its such a good price and the quality is amazing!!!

This was on another blogger’s bestseller list, my friend The zhush…A few sprays of this and your shower turns into a spa!!!

Lastly here are the earrings that I wore to every event in December and I got soo many compliments and questions where they were from…I found them again…FINALLY!!!!

Gifts For Your Valentines

I cannot believe it is almost February 1st…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I love doing Valentine’s Day posts…There’s something about a day devoted to pink and red hearts and ruffled chocolate boxes!!!  I have picked out a bunch of little treats for those close to your heart this year…I received so many good suggestions from readers and other bloggers and I am so excited to share them with you!!!!

How cute is this Kate Spade jewelry box?

I ordered these for my hubby!!!! I cannot wait to give them to him!!!!!

This is a great set of bath bombs

I am going to send this to my daughter at school!!!

You know how much I love Korean beauty products!!!!

Sending these to all 3 of my kids!!!!

How about a cute sweater for your favorite dog!!!

For the past 3 years, these earrings have been my favorite..I love the light pink!!!!

I think my husband would also LOVE this cryto roller!!!! Good Bye Aches and Pains

The electrolyte filter that fits in most water bottles is so cool!!!!!

I love these charging pads and this is a fast one!!!!

You have to get these magnetic lashes for your girlfriend. I just ordered them. They get great reviews…

And lastly, everyone needs a pair of candy hearts pajama pants!!!!

Amazon Best Sellers for 2019

I received my Amazon Associates report for 2019 and I was able to see which items were the best sellers from the links that I shared last year.  I loved seeing how much you loved the items that I chose for you.  It seems organizing/cleaning items are the most popular, followed by beauty products!!!  I LOVE it..

This phone charger

These storage baskets..I used in my pantry!!!

These oven liners. They are great for keeping your oven clean!!!

These bowls!!!

These Ikea bags..We use them for EVERYTHING!!!!!

This stain remover…hands down THE BEST

This Volumizer Hair Dryer Brush….Probably my favorite thing on the Amazon site…

This mascara!!!

This candle!!!!

This vacuum!!!

This was a stocking stuffer for my college senior!!!!!

These makeup brushes!!!

This USB lighter

The Bobby Brown Makeup Manual!!!!!

And the skin saver set for the guys!!!!

Disclosure:  Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you click through and purchase the item.